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Vidyanidhi Trust started as a program for integrated community development with a special focus on rural and unprivileged segments of society, residing in far-flung areas.

The Trust is a public charitable trust involved in providing quality education to the economically backward sections of rural Tamilnadu, particularly in Pulicat and surrounding villages.

The Trust strives to impart the elements of education that respect and nurture the cultural identity and instill in the children pride and respect for their roots, environment and culture.

The Founder
Swami Tattvanishthananda Saraswati is a distinguished teacher of Vedanta and Sanskrit. He is a disciple of Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati and studied Vedanta under him at Rishikesh. He also studied under Swami Viditatmananda Saraswatiji. He has enriched his Sanskrit knowledge and studied Nyaya and Mimmansa under Sri.B.V. Ramapriya, Achaarya of SGVP, Sanskrit Mahasansthan, Ahmedabad.

Swami Tattvanishtha is constantly involved in progressive vedantic teaching. His diction in chanting vedic mantras and slokas is par excellence. Swamiji is regularly conducting Vedanta and meditation classes at Chennai and overseas.

Vidyanidhi Trust started as a program for integrated community development for tsunami affected areas in and around Pulicat, in the year 2004. Pulicat is the northernmost coastal fishing locality of Tamilnadu, group of islands separated by backwaters. The remote area is fully occupied with fishermen community.

The Trust creates a world of Caring and Compassion for Underprivileged children from remote parts of the country and makes them feel loved and secure. Many of these children come from poor families and sometimes, dysfunctional homes, as a result of which they cannot afford the cost of education. Their homes are located in rural regions which make quality education inaccessible to them. Moreover, poverty and lack of guidance force most of them into child labor.

These children are provided with all basic amenities such as food, clothing, and a healthy and clean living environment together with value-based education.

The main objective of the trust is to help today’s children become responsible citizens of tomorrow and contribute to their family, society and country.

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Contact Info

No: 10/5, Manick Nivas
Jai Nagar 2nd Street,
Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600106

Mobile: +91-9884442109,
E-Mail: vidya.nidhi@yahoo.in


Monetary help, service, material support, ideas and suggestions - your contributions are always welcome.

Please join us and contribute your money, time or expertise liberally to make this plan a reality.


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