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Even though the medical facilities are very much needed, often in the near future, it is not viable to build hospitals / health clinics in many of the remote areas because of lack of willingness of doctors to serve in these areas, the lack Mobile medical unit with a doctor, nurses, pharmacistof facilities and equipment, and the huge financial expenditure that is required to run the hospitals. In order to overcome this problem, Vidyanidhi Trust implemented an innovative solution in form of mobile medical vans. This is a practical, effective and economically viable solution to improve the health of people inhabiting in remote areas. The mobile medical van will have one doctor, one nurse & a few assistants.

The doctor also focuses on preventive medicines through educating the people on nutrition, diet, hygiene, sanitation and common home remedies. In addition, when some patients need hospital care due to more severe problem, the doctor refers them to near by hospitals.

Mobile medical unit goes with a doctor, nurses, pharmacist with essential medicines and medical equipments. Free medicines and free treatment are provided. Mobile medical unit serves a cluster of 25 villages.




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Jai Nagar 2nd Street,
Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600106

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Monetary help, service, material support, ideas and suggestions - your contributions are always welcome.

Please join us and contribute your money, time or expertise liberally to make this plan a reality.


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