Swami Dayananda Vidyalaya Matriculation School, Pulicat

Vidyanidhi – a Compound noun made up of Vidya and Nidhi – means a treasure of Knowledge. Knowledge is that which liberates. Trust functions to liberate underprivileged segments of society from its pathetic living conditions by focusing in the fields of Education and Health Care.

Vidyanidhi Trust has started a school at Pulicat, to nurture education to the tsunami affected children.

Child – centered, activity-based education is imparted by well experienced and qualified teachers. The students are also taught about hygiene, nutritious food habits, and cleanliness of home and protection of natural environment.

Planting seeds of knowledge

The children follow a disciplined daily routine that includes prayers, exercises, study and recreation. This ensures that the children grow to become emotionally and intellectually mature, responsible persons.

Key Components

  • Affordable, high quality education in rural areas
  • Going beyond literacy and rudimentary education
  • Confident, English speaking, computer literate students
  • Empowering education that enables rural children to participate in national and global affairs
  • Includes girl children


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Contact Info

No: 10/5, Manick Nivas
Jai Nagar 2nd Street,
Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600106

Mobile: +91-9884442109,


Monetary help, service, material support, ideas and suggestions - your contributions are always welcome.

Please join us and contribute your money, time or expertise liberally to make this plan a reality.


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